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Where we celebrate women working in animation, and explore representation behind the scenes and on the screen.

I&PG-088, Pragya Tomar, CG Lighting & Texture Artist

November 27, 2019

Welcome to the Ink and Paint Girls podcast- a look at animation through the women who make it!

This is another installment of our "Parenting in Animation" series.

Hosted by Katya Bowser and Cassie Soliday.


From India to Los Angeles, Pragya Tomar has been working in CG animation at places like Disney Feature and Nickelodeon for over a decade.  As a working parent, she’s open about the successes, struggles, and what she likes to call, “happy compromises.” We discuss how she makes creativity a bonding experience with her daughter, how she is plotting a career change into writing for TV and children’s books, and how to ask for what you need from your production to live your best family life at home.


Find Pragya online:
Portfolio: https://www.penmagicbooks.com

*Please note that this interview was recorded in 2018.


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