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Where we celebrate women working in animation, and explore representation behind the scenes and on the screen.

I&PG- 062, Color is Design with Ashley Fisher & Jessica Yost

May 23, 2018

Welcome to the Ink and Paint Girls podcast where we celebrate women working in animation and explore representation behind the scenes and on the screen.

In the design department of most 2D animated productions, you’ll find character designers, prop designers, background designers and painters, then finally, color stylists. If they are all in the same department, then why isn’t color styling classified under the “Animation section of the guild contract and why do they get paid less? That’s right, Color Stylist is found under the “Ink and Paint” section of the contract and has lower pay. An outdated section created back in the early days of traditional hand-drawn animation.

So what’s to be done? A sub-committee of Color Stylists within The Animation Guild are out in search of support to make a positive change for themselves and future color stylists. You may have seen their petition floating around, but not quite know what its all about. Well, you’re about to find out! Color Stylists, Ashley Fisher and Jessica Yost stop by the show to discuss!

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Sign the petition! http://www.bit.ly/colorisdesign


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