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I&PG- 053, Sexual Harassment: An Overview & Pep Talk

November 13, 2017

A brief overview of Sexual Harassment and pep talk for moving forward as it relates to the Animation industry (and honestly, most industries!)

And although this episode focuses on telling someone, it is the victim's choice on whether or not they will report the incident or treatment. Just know that there are resources available to you.

This episode is raw, you will hear my hand holding the audio recorder as well as hear me be uncomfortable, laugh awkwardly, be pissed, and other emotions.

I recorded and re-recorded this a few times as well as ran it by friends and peers. I gathered information about Sexual Harassment and Abuse from the links gathered below and the rest of my advice/thoughts have been formed and influenced by the active discussion in our community along with my personal feelings and experience.


If you’d like to dig in deeper, here is further reading…

About Handling Harassment:

About Harassment in Hollywood and other workplaces:

*Hear Daley read her letter on the ScriptNotes podcast:

*And then hear her discuss sexism and the post-Weinstein era further with ScriptNotes’s John August and Craig Mazin.

Jess and Vicki from the Grilled Cheese & Gin podcast discuss the #metoo movement through their own experiences. Along with the outpouring of stories from my friends and colleagues, this was the cherry on top of my week where I cried. It’s not ok. And you are not alone.

Aminou and Ann from Call Your Girlfriend discuss Weinstein and enablers on these two podcast episodes:

Other related links:

About the Chris Savino case: