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I&PG- 038, Jeannine Hodson, Line Producer

April 7, 2017

Jeannine Hodson is a line producer with over 20 years experience with studios such as Nickelodeon, Disney, Warner Brothers, and more.  Have you ever heard this Orson Welle’s quote?  “Keep Ted Turner and his *BEEP* crayolas away from my movies.”  Well, Jeannine got her start on Ted’s team with crayola in hand.  Listen in as we discuss Jeannine’s role in the industry’s transition from hand-drawn to digital ink and paint processes, the era of Disney’s straight-to-DVD sequels, and how an attempted murderess becomes a beloved cultural icon in her own hit movie series.  Yes, I’m talking about Tinker Bell!



Jeannine Hodson-

Line Producer on Disney Junior's Puppy Dog Pals


Ted Turner


colorization controversy

Disney Toon Studios- direct to DVD releases