The Ink and Paint Girls Podcast


I&PG- 016 Catherine and Sarah Satrun, Animators and Designers

June 24, 2016

Catherine and Sarah Satrun (also known as the dynamic duo: the Satrun Sisters!) are twin animators and illustrators based out of Chicago, IL.  They have been designing and animating in both traditional and digital methods for projects such as Lucky Charms, Trix, and My Little Pony Commercials, short films, web series such as Seth Meyer's 'The Awesomes', illustrating books,and even some projects in concert and game animation.  With patch-working together a freelance career that spans a decade, today they share their experiences and discuss college, moving into the professional realm, living where you want, and the concept of 'feast and famine' when it comes to finding work.


Sarah's Art-
Catherine's Art-

Columbia College Chicago -
Calabash Animation Studio-
Chris Olsen's "Kari Dahl and the Golden Cube"-
Linda Marie Smith's "Mearra- Selkie from the Sea"
Animation Production Pipeline-

Important Bits:
-Learn how to be your own business so you can thrive better doing business with others!
-Always be developing your skills!