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I&PG- 034, Hannah Spangler & Gregg Lawson, Creators of “The Land Below”

“The Land Below” is an upcoming short film that merges animation with live action following a young girl named Anya who has to venture down into the the Land Below to save her home of Edenskies for losing its light and life.  This film was created by filmmakers Hannah Spangler and Gregg Lawson.  You may remember Hannah who came on the podcast about a year ago and spoke about the project a bit, but today we get in depth about what it takes to make a collaboration work- especially when you don’t live in the same state, how to use your life experience to fuel your characters and stories, and the eternal struggle that is work/life balance.


I&PG- 033, Bonita Versh, Animator and Commercial Director

From Character Animator to Character Designer to Animation Timer to Commercial Director, Bonita Versh has worked in the animation industry for over 30 years.  You’ll recognize some of these titles… The Rugrats, Rocko’s Modern Life, Scooby Doo, The Jetsons, and so much more!  With the aid of fellow veteran animator and previous Ink and Paint Girls’ podcast guest, Linda Miller, we discuss the hey day of Klasky Csupo, how it was easier for her to be a director for commercials rather than animated television, and how she made it through the decline of hand drawn in-house animation.


I&PG- 032, Steph Laberis, Character Designer and Illustrator

With a quirky start as a Cutie Mark Illustrator at Hasbro, Steph Laberis found her way from slogging away in a day job that didn't make her happy.  Finding joy in color and drawing animals, she found her way into freelance illustration and finally working in animation as she always hoped!  Hear her story and advice on today's episode of the Ink and Paint Girl Podcast.


I&PG- 031, Deidre Brenner, Screenwriter and Animation Producer (part 2)

Deirdre Brenner is an animation producer with a career spanning 20 years on projects such as Fairly Odd Parents, Pepper Ann, Star vs the Forces of Evil, and so many more.  However, even with this extensive experience in producing, she has been nurturing a screenwriting career along the way.  This is part two of two.  Get ready to hear about Deirdre's hustle in screenwriting!


I&PG- 030, Deirdre Brenner, Animation Producer and Screenwriter (part 1)

Deirdre Brenner is an animation producer with a career spanning 20 years on projects such as Fairly Odd Parents, Pepper Ann, Star vs the Forces of Evil, and so many more.  However, even with this extensive experience in producing, she has been nurturing a screenwriting career on her free time- entering screenwriting competitions and currently in talks for one of her scripts being optioned by a production company.  I'm excited to share this interview with you because Deirdre is a perfect example of someone who has a successful career but is also nurturing a second one.

This episode is part one of two.  In this episode, you will hear about Deirdre's experience as an animation producer.  In next week's episode, you'll hear about screenwriting second life!


I&PG- 029, Carole Holliday, Storyboard Artist and Animator

Having worked on mega animated films like The Little Mermaid, A Goofy Movie, Oliver and Company, Prince of Egypt, Carole Holliday has worked in assistant animation to character design to storyboarding to directing.  We discuss Carole’s career, what she’s learned, how Glen Keane taught her to be more confident, and why animation is such a powerful storytelling medium.



Witt’s Daughter- Carole’s short film


The Food Ain’t the Problem

(Carole’s new book)






Ellen Woodbury, Former Disney Animator and Fine Art Sculptor -

Jessica Morris, The Gryphon's Eye -


I&PG- 028, Zabrina McIntyre, Production Coordinator and Animation Advocate

Zabrina McIntyre is a Production Coordinator on the Tangled animated series over at Disney TV Animation and the curator of Animation Advocate.  She got her start as a Production Secretary on Wonder Over Yonder with a promotion to Production Associate soon after.  Although this is how she got her professional start in animation, what happened before that?  Well, there’s a whole piece of the puzzle where Zabrina worked at the Smithsonian and left that lucrative career to get an grad degree!  Hear all of this and more in today's episode.


Find Zabrina around the internet:






I&PG- 027, Helen O’Flynn, Animation Checker

Born and raised in Ireland, Helen O’Flynn found herself at Sullivan-Bluth studios as an animation and paint checker on beloved films like The Land Before Time and All Dogs Go to Heaven.  When work started to become thin, Helen headed west to California to work during the Disney Renaissance with films such as Mulan, Hercules, Tarzan and more.  Thirty years later, she's still working!


I&PG- 026, Eva Sowinski, Founder of the Ground Zero Animation Expo

Eva Sowinski is the founder of the Ground Zero Animation Expo that takes place in February near downtown Anaheim, CA.  Being an artist herself, Eva uses her passion and entrepreneurial spirit to create platforms that inspire and motivate artists to get themselves out in front of audiences and share their talent!  Today, she shares her journey from pursuing dance to falling into art to opening a brick and mortar store known as fan*alley to founding the Ground Zero Animation Expo with all the insight she has gained along the way. 


I&PG- 025, Amalia Levari, Animation and Comic Writer

Ever hear of "Over the Garden Wall", "Harvey Beaks", "Star vs the Forces of Evil", or the Cartoon Network short "Back to Backspace"? Yeah! She's a writing bad a** and she's here on the Ink and Paint Girls podcast! Amalia Levari joins us to discuss her path from the rainy weather in Michigan to studying experimental animation at CalArts in California, the progress of female voices in entertainment, and her thoughts on creating things you want to be remembered for. 



Cal Arts Experimental Animation program

Animation Production


Ira Glass - Good Taste Video + Quote


Back to Backspace

Reversion Rights