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I&PG- 045, Angela Entzminger, Creator of “The Animated Journey” Podcast (Part 1)

Angela Entzminger is the creator and host of "The Animated Journey" podcast and production assistant on Nickelodeon's "The Loud House." Having had a long animated journey herself, she breaks down what she learned from working a variety of jobs in a variety of industries and how she narrowed in on how to make her dream of working in animation into a reality. This is part 1!


To quote Angela’s Dad:
“If you’re doing what you love to do, it will work out.” 


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The Animated Journey podcast


I&PG- 044, Mindy Johnson, Author of “Ink & Paint: The Women of Walt Disney’s Animation”

History is a puzzle told through many stories- there’s a handful of rock stars that shine brighter than the rest- even fewer of those rock stars are women.  Mindy Johnson, writer, historian, and the author of the upcoming book, “Ink & Paint: The Women of Walt Disney’s Animation”, is about to share the voices of hundreds of forgotten female artists who worked at the Walt Disney Studios from the earliest days when Lillian first met Walt to the hire of Bianca Majolie to help in moving away from gag-driven shorts to longer stories with heart to the introduction of CAPS and digital animation with The Rescuers Down Under.  We discuss why it’s important to know that although there are still glass ceilings to break in higher creative roles, we have a solid foundation to build upon and firecracker role models to look up to. 

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I&PG- 043, Cheyenne Curtis, Storyboard Artist and Character Designer

Cheyenne Curtis is a storyboard artist at Disney TV Animation on a new up-coming series. Although, you’ve definitely seen her work if you’ve watched Star vs the Forces of Evil or the new Powerpuff Girls- not only as a story artist but as a character designer! Listen in as Cheyenne opens up about the hurdles of navigating from design into story, finding sponsorship as a Canadian artist, and how to silence your worst critic- ahem- ourselves.


I&PG- 042, Haley Mancini, Story Editor and Voice Actress

Haley Mancini is a story editor and the voice of Princess Morbucks on the new Powerpuff Girls series over at Cartoon Network.  Her experience not only spans Animation, but the Entertainment industry at large- with live performance, improv, sketch comedy, hosting, live-action film and TV, and developing her own ideas, we had a lot to discuss!  Listen in as we talk about promoting your talents in the workplace, not limiting your potential, and her thoughts on developing the animated series.


I&PG- 041, Joanna Griebel, Animatic Editor

Animatic Editor, Joanna Griebel, joins us on the Ink and Paint Girls podcast! Joanna previously worked on Miles from Tomorrowland, Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters, TripTank, and more.  At the time of this recording, she was on Miles but is now living it up over at Blizzard!  You’ll see how passionate she is about her editorial work but also about creating her own stories.  We discuss the intricasies of the editing process, following your intuition with making life and career decisions, how to handle your ideas when they multiple like bunnies, and more.


I&PG- 040, Julia Vickerman, Creator of “Twelve Forever”

Julia Vickerman is a director, storyboard artist, and the creator of the Cartoon Network pilot, Twelve Forever.  You have seen her work all over Cartoon Network on shows like the new Powerpuff Girls and directing on Clarence.   Listen in as we discuss developing her pilot, faking it until you make it, and how to mine your life experience to breathe more life into your storytelling.  Basically, the unofficial title of this episode is “How to be a Creative Powerhouse 101!


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I&PG- 039, Alina Chau, Illustrator and Fine Artist

With over a decade of working in the Animation and Gaming industries, most notably with Lucas Film on Star Wars- The Clone Wars, Alina Chau took off on her own into the wild unknown that is freelance illustration and fine art.  With her experience as an Animator, her illustrations are full of life and story.  On today’s episode, she discusses her creative progress, how she emigrated from Hong Kong in her pursuit of Animation knowledge, the mental and emotional toll to be ready for when it comes to working freelance, and more.



I&PG- 038, Jeannine Hodson, Line Producer

Jeannine Hodson is a line producer with over 20 years experience with studios such as Nickelodeon, Disney, Warner Brothers, and more.  Have you ever heard this Orson Welle’s quote?  “Keep Ted Turner and his *BEEP* crayolas away from my movies.”  Well, Jeannine got her start on Ted’s team with crayola in hand.  Listen in as we discuss Jeannine’s role in the industry’s transition from hand-drawn to digital ink and paint processes, the era of Disney’s straight-to-DVD sequels, and how an attempted murderess becomes a beloved cultural icon in her own hit movie series.  Yes, I’m talking about Tinker Bell!



Jeannine Hodson-

Line Producer on Disney Junior's Puppy Dog Pals


Ted Turner


colorization controversy

Disney Toon Studios- direct to DVD releases



I&PG- 037, Sherry Delorme, Character Designer, Illustrator, and Fine Artist

Sherry Delorme is a character designer, illustrator, and fine artist who has worked in animation, gaming, toys, has had work showcased in countless gallery events, and even mentors through the Women in Animation mentorship program. 


Foot note* At the time of this recording, Sherry was a Senior Designer at Jaxx Pacific Toys, designing for the Disney brands.  She’s currently working freelance until she finds a new in-house art adventure!


I&PG- 036, Lindsay Smith-Carrozza, Character Designer and Voice Actress

When Lindsay Smith-Carrozza, Character Designer and Voice Actress on Cartoon Network’s “Mighty Magiswords”, felt uncertain about what she wanted to do in the future, she explored cartooning, hat and mask making, needle felting and more all while working in medical billing and graphic design! As she moved forward in her life, finding love, hardship, and ridiculous amounts of traffic, she found a home in the wonderful world of animation.